In my writing, I love to delve deeper into the story and find what's beyond the stereotypes. From science to history to the latest in pop culture, I love it all. 

Some long-form reads include:

- "Chastity Belts Are A Myth, But For Some Reason We Still Believe They Happened

for Distractify

- "Why I don't give a shit about what your 'real-life' Barbie looks like

for Death + Taxes Magazine

- "Thousands Of Jane Does Are Buried Across America, And One Teenager Is Painting Them To Honor Their Stories

for Distractify

And if you're in the mood for comedy:

- "37 Things Everyone Should Be Legally Obligated To Disclose Before Going On A First Date

for Distractify

- "The Characters Of 'Orange Is The New Black' As Cats"

for BuzzFeed Animals